Please read the attached article to understand the importance of this practice to help with learning difficulties and improve memory retention in the brain.
This platform is unique and will assist all ages. As a trainer you will need to purchase the Trainers Kit which costs $499 usd on the Excellent Brain website however if you choose to become a distributor we have negotiated a special price. 
This will involve ensuring that a number of sales are made to show distributor validation. Delivery can take up to 6 weeks.

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Excellent Brain Practitioner Kit

The Excellent Brain Practitioners Kit will enable you to train your patients’ attention and focus abilities using a cutting-edge Neurofeedback kit at the convenience of your own location.

Excellent Brain – Trainer’s kit includes:

  • NeuroSky Mindwave EEG sensor
  • 1 personal complete Training program (30 sessions of 20 Min. each – progressive and accumulative)
  • Free activities (2 Min each) in various difficulty levels to choose. For dynamic therapy.
  • Video option – to upload from a local file in the computer and when focus is reduced the movie is fading out.
  • Audio option – to upload from a local file in the computer and when focus is reduced the volume of the music is reduced.
  • The option to create personalized training session (set of activities in a specific difficulty level) for your patients (if purchasing personal users).
  • Supervision and progress reports of the patient’s performance (if purchasing personal users).
In order to supervise the trainees progression and to create personal training programs the trainer uses the trainers website which involves creating a username and password on payment.   Individual clients can be charged between $30-60 a session to use this platform and see actual results through a print out thereby illustrating improvements in neurofeedback activity.