Personalised English lessons for children and adults. 
Before starting I offer a “get to know you” meeting where we discuss your preferences and objectives, and during the first few lessons, we start tailoring the methodology that best adapts to your way of learning. High energy and dynamic teaching as we work through different topics including conversations, reading, watching videos and games.

The  lessons for children also have a play based approach and include mindfulness exercises to help developing concentration skills and awareness while practicing the language.

Online course designed for children aged 6 to 11.
Throughout this course children will develop their concentration skills and awareness of their inner and outer experiences while learning English.
Children will learn new vocabulary in English and develop their fluency in conversation.
Mindfulness sessions including sensory activities, painting, crafts, yoga, breathing and games in English.
This course has a lenght of six sessions of an hour once a week.
Groups of 4 children.