What life skill lessons do children need to know to help them progress in life. Power UP is a unique series of courses covering a range of topics relevant to Social and Emotional learning. It helps children learn how to exist in society and how to deal with the challenges they may face.

DISCLAIMER: Social and Emotional Learning may bring up unresolved issues for yourself and/or a student. If you are a psychologist you may wish to work with the material as much as been sourced from Counselling, Social Work or Psychology websites.  If you are a teacher who has not been trained in this area and are working with a student who is challenged by physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect or has other issues such as bullying, anxiety or worry, fear or other as seen in this unit, please take advise from a Counsellor, Social Worker or Psychologist.

English Startup Academy takes no responsibility for any Teacher Partners who are not qualified to teach or assist in this area, and who may cause greater hardship to themselves and/or their students.  
For Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors please ensure you have professional indemnity, public liability along with your industry indemnity insurance to cover yourself in case of any future legal action.