A Teachers resource, for teaching yoga to students and helping them develop healthy lifestyle habits to set them up for a future foundation of wellbeing.

The objectives of the program are for:

  • ·    Students to recognise the benefits of yoga
  • ·    Students to learn meditation and affirmations
  • ·    Students to learn yoga techniques for babies, toddlers and school aged students
  • ·    Students to enjoy games associated with yoga
Activities are included in this resource but teachers need to create their own lesson plans incorporating Yoga to start a lesson in Social and Emotional learning.

A teachers resource with activities on how to help children learn to stimulate their senses and link up the brain to achieve their highest potential in learning and any life skills.

A Teachers resource to teach children how to ease emotional distress, clear negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, trauma and doubts and allow them to  self-management themselves in daily situations they face.