This course looks at the principles of building  sentences, examining the main idea, ways of organising the text, analysing summarising and paraphrasing. It also looks at writing the assignment or dissertation from the perspective of analysing the question, researching the topic, planning, drafting and editing. 

Examining the research question, judging the scope of the research, examining investigative methods, planning the project and organising notes, identifying reference sources and examining the internet sources. Synthesising, analysing and integrating sources of information and prior knowledge, revising the hypothesis, understanding plagiarism, ethics in research, ownership of information, copyright, citing and giving credit.

Structuring your speech, understanding your audience, defining your goals and objectives, preparing a basic outline, using presentation tools- visuals aids and audio, public speaking and body language

Learn how to work as part of a team on assignments and gain valuable skills such as delegation, effective communication and how to acquire information from face to face source, cooperation and agreement, timelines and organisational skills.