I will professionally proofread and edit your English language business materials of 500 words or less for USD $5.00. An extra $5.00 for over 500 words. 

One-on-one, online conversation classes for BEGINNER to ADVANCED levels. We can cover any topics you would like or any needs you may have. 

Each lesson is a practical 40-minute ESL business conversation lesson designed to help you navigate job interviews in English. 

Let's work together toward improving your English language goals. 

My vision for you in this course is that you will learn to use English in practical ways so you can gain more confidence in job interviews. 

Please download one lesson before each class and preview the reading material, learn the vocabulary and grammar associated with the text, and prepare yourself for the interaction activities. This will help us work better together toward your goals. 

Best wishes! 

Jerry Smith

"10 Meaningful Conversation Lessons for Adult ESL Learners," by Jerry Smith is an English Language Learning multivitamin. They are designed for adult High Beginner to Advanced level English language learners. Each is a practical 45-minute ESL conversation lesson over meaningful topics: 


1 Please Introduce Yourself

2 What Do You Do?

3 Where Are You From? 

4 What Are your Hobbies or Interests? 

5 Do You do Any Traveling?

6 Have You Seen any Interesting Movies Lately? 

7 What do You Like to Eat? 

8 What Makes You ... ? 

9 What Are you Good At? 

10 Are You Good with Money? 

Each lesson provides vocabulary building, pronunciation practice, grammar points, fluency development, and conversation practice with generous amounts of feedback. 

This learning material is rated 5 Stars ★★★★★ on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Enroll today to start using English in practical conversations.