Teacher Partners

Our ideal Teacher Partners are self starters with a can do attitude, usually with a degree level education and of course a passion for teaching others. TESOL and CELTA qualifications are also a bonus in support of your application.

An interview process will be conducted online with candidates interested in creating their own business. This will be followed up with a psychometric test to assess which area of teaching you are best suited. We will not dictate which area you should work in, but give you a general understanding of your results and suggestions.

On acceptance, you will be sent a link to pay the once off fee of $5000 USD followed by a small yearly fee to maintain the LMS. We have made this a reasonably achievable price in comparison to other sites because, as teachers ourselves we know the difficulties in sourcing funds to get a business going and how undervalued and underpaid many teachers are.

Many of you possibly, have never had your own business before. We help you through your learning process by giving you our Getting Started Workshop. Here you will learn the mechanics of what you need to do, from business planning to building your own content and lesson plans; how to market and get students; through to basic equipment you will require; working online and more. You will also receive training on how to use the platform and support with issues that may arise.

ESA will market its brand generically however; we do not take responsibility for marketing your specific business. You must be involved in getting students and creating awareness out in the marketplace of your abilities, this is your business. We help you achieve that by enhancing your profile on a specially dedicated teacher partner page where you can showcase your skills, location, contact details, payment options, review and more. This is your branding and where you can direct parents to learn about you and what you offer.

Teachers are the lifeblood of education and to create a sustainable framework for our students we need to ensure that your passion is maintained and you are rewarded for your efforts.

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